Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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solar water purifier

Solar Water Purifier Is Serving 600 Puerto Ricans Daily

Puerto Ricans in the coastal town of Loíza stood in a line that stretched seven blocks, waiting hours for bags of ice and bottles of water....

Monitoring Activity in the Geosynchronous Belt

In the darkness of 2 a.m. on Aug. 26, the sky over Cape Canaveral, Florida, lit up with the bright plume of a Minotaur rocket...

NASA CubeSat to Test Miniaturized Weather Satellite Technology

Behind every weather forecast—from your local, five-day prediction to a late-breaking hurricane track update—are the satellites that make them possible. Government agencies depend on...

Developing Sensors to Defend Aircraft Against Lasers

Laser strikes, the aiming of high-power laser pointers at aircraft, are a growing safety concern for pilots and aircraft passengers. They pose numerous dangers to pilots, including...
mass spectrometer

New Mass Spectrometer Will Help Develop Better Training for Bomb-Sniffing Dogs

Canine teams have long been considered the gold standard for finding concealed explosives. To validate this reputation, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Science...

Monitoring Metabolic Energy Expenditure, Health, and Fitness with a Breath Analyzer

The U.S. military has great interest in more comprehensive measurement and tracking of metabolism, both for optimizing the performance of warfighters under demanding physical...

Engineers Design Drones That Can Stay Aloft for Five Days

In the event of a natural disaster that disrupts phone and Internet systems over a wide area, autonomous aircraft could potentially hover over affected...
Microfluidic devices

Makerspaces could enable widespread adoption of microfluidics

Lincoln Laboratory researchers propose an alternative to expensive microfluidics fabrication facilities.
Foliage-penetrating ladar

Foliage-Penetrating Ladar Technology May Improve Border Surveillance

The United States shares 5,525 miles of land border with Canada and 1,989 miles with Mexico. Monitoring these borders, which is the responsibility of...
3-D-printed hand

Lincoln Laboratory Lends a 3-D-Printed Hand

Cyborg beast, phoenix, talon — although these names seem fitting for superhero characters, they are actually names for devices that make people feel like...