Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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Neurons Get the Beat and Keep It Going in Drumrolls

A neuron firing deep in the brain might sound a little like: Drumroll…cymbal crash! Drumroll…cymbal crash! Repeat. With emphasis on “repeat,” according to a new...

How the Brain Keeps Time

Timing is critical for playing a musical instrument, swinging a baseball bat, and many other activities. Neuroscientists have come up with several models of...

Precise Technique Tracks Dopamine in the Brain

MIT researchers have devised a way to measure dopamine in the brain much more precisely than previously possible, which should allow scientists to gain...
tiny fibers

Tiny Fibers Open New Windows into the Brain

For the first time ever, a single flexible fiber no bigger than a human hair has successfully delivered a combination of optical, electrical, and...

How the Brain Recognizes Faces

MIT researchers and their colleagues have developed a new computational model of the human brain’s face-recognition mechanism that seems to capture aspects of human...
brain circuit

Pinpointing a Brain Circuit That Can Keep Fears at Bay

People who are too frightened of flying to board an airplane, or too scared of spiders to venture into the basement, can seek a...
brain circuit

Newly Discovered Neural Connections May Be Linked to Emotional Decision-Making

MIT neuroscientists have discovered connections deep within the brain that appear to form a communication pathway between areas that control emotion, decision-making, and movement....

How the Brain Builds Panoramic Memory

When asked to visualize your childhood home, you can probably picture not only the house you lived in, but also the buildings next door...

Machines that learn like people

Object-recognition systems are beginning to get pretty good — and in the case of Facebook’s face-recognition algorithms, frighteningly good. But object-recognition systems are typically trained...