Thursday, September 19, 2019
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With Prevention in Mind, Researchers Investigate How Benzopyrene Can Cause Cancer

Benzopyrene is a potent carcinogen and mutagen present in cigarette smoke, automotive exhaust, burnt wood fumes, barbecued and smoked meat etc.Understanding the mechanisms whereby...
cellular agingvideo

Critical Step Found in DNA Repair, Cellular Aging

DNA repair is essential for cell vitality, cell survival, and cancer prevention, yet cells’ ability to patch up damaged DNA declines with age for...
fluorescent probes

Probes Lose Their Attachment Issues

While the use of fluorescent probes for imaging biological molecules is widespread, probes that attach to more complex molecules inside live cells have been...
immune system

New Insights on How Pathogens Escape the Immune System

The bacterium Salmonella enterica causes gastroenteritis in humans and is one of the leading causes of food-borne infectious diseases. During the infection, the germ...
muscular dystrophy

A Vitamin Could Help Treat Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Duchenne is the most common and severe form of muscular dystrophy. Because of this genetic disease, one out of every 3,500 children spends their...
Neurometabolic Disorder

Defects in Metabolite Repair Lead to a Neurometabolic Disorder

In recent years, researchers have focused intensively on damage to DNA molecules and proteins. Their repair has also been the subject of numerous publications....
Source: Katharina Höfer/IPMB

A Protective Cap for Bacterial RNA

Heidelberg researchers unravel structure and function of bacterial decapping enzyme
Nicotinamide riboside

A vitamin that stops the aging process of organs

By administering nicotinamide riboside to elderly mice, EPFL researchers restored their organs’ ability to regenerate and prolonged their lives. This method has potential for...
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Cornell-Swiss study reveals a ‘sirtuin’ way to a healthy heart

The human heart is a remarkable muscle, beating more than 2 billion times over the average life span.But the heart’s efficiency can decrease over...