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dopamine neurons

Scientists Identify Neurochemical Signal Likely Missing in Parkinson’s

Two Northwestern University neuroscientists have identified the neurochemical signal likely missing in Parkinson's disease by being the first to discover two distinctly different kinds...
prostate cancer, nanoparticles

Nanoscientists Develop The ‘Ultimate Discovery Tool’

The discovery power of the gene chip is coming to nanotechnology. A Northwestern University research team is developing a tool to rapidly test millions...

Development of an 11 % Conversion Efficiency Thermoelectric Module

Achieved with thermoelectric materials having controlled nano-sized structures, a big step toward the realization of power generation using waste heat

Breast Cancer Drug Found To Reduce Seizures

Findings from animal study could lead to improved seizure treatment in humans

TriFusion Devices from Texas A&M wins 2016 Rice Business Plan Competition

Nearly $1.7 million awarded at world’s richest, largest student startup competition
prostate cancer, nanoparticles

Low Vitamin D Predicts Aggressive Prostate Cancer

Low level of vitamin D at time of surgery is linked to potentially lethal cancer in men
chronic pain, HIV, cancer

New predictor of cancer 

When your biological age is older than your chronological age, the risk of getting and dying of cancer rises

Federal funding for biomedical research rises $2 billion

In the field of biomedical science, researchers are always on the hunt for more funding to investigate, treat and cure diseases. Thanks to a...