Friday, August 23, 2019
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Brazilians Create Model to Evaluate Possibility of Life on Jupiter’s Icy...

Jupiter’s icy moon Europa is a major target of astrobiology research in light of the possibility that it offers a habitable environment in the...

Study Reinforces the Amazon Forest’s Importance in Regulating Atmospheric Chemistry

Airborne measurements made as part of the Green Ocean Amazon experiment (GOAmazon) show that the Amazon rainforest emits at least three times more isoprene...
Atmospheric Methane

‘Detergent’ Molecules May Be Driving Fluctuations in Atmospheric Methane Concentrations

During the early 2000s, environmental scientists studying methane emissions noticed something unexpected: the global concentrations of atmospheric methane (CH4)—which had increased for decades, driven...

Chemoselective Acetalization by a Bifuncional Cerium Phosphate Catalyst

Acid-base bifunctional catalysts exhibit wide applicability for atom-efficient functional group transformation, tandem reactions, and asymmetric synthesis. In heterogeneous catalysis, the acid-base properties of metal-oxide-based...

Cracking the Code for Fissure Control

Cracks in a material typically compromise its strength and integrity, so research focus has traditionally been on preventing their occurrence and spread. An A*STAR...

Researchers Fabricate High Performance Cu(OH)2 Supercapacitor Electrodes

Copper based nano structures have gained much attention in today's modern devices. A team of Nano-fabricated Energy Devices lab in University of Tehran have...
water molecules

Surrounded by Water

The ScienceWhether producing new types of power or cleaning old waste sites, the reaction between water and positively charged particles from acids is crucial....
methane emissions

Global Methane Emissions Are Rising Faster than Any Time in the...

The Global Methane Budget, which is regularly updated by an international group of scientists including researchers form Imperial, charts the sources and sinks of...

New Catalyst for Making Methanol from Methane

Our group has developed a catalyst for converting methane, the main component of abundant natural gas, directly to methanol at fairly low temperatures. Refining...

Columbia Engineers Develop New, Low-Cost Way to Capture Carbon

A recent study led by Xi Chen, associate professor of earth and environmental engineering at Columbia Engineering, and Klaus Lackner at Arizona State University,...
hydrogen production

Towards Eco-friendly Industrial-Scale Hydrogen Production

Atomic-scale simulations predict how to use nanoparticles to increase hydrogen production.

Reacting Protactinium with Ubiquitous Water Explains an Elemental Oddity

Reactions with this extremely rare element could reveal previously unknown trends, benefitting studies of new nuclear reactor fuels.
skin disease

Nanotechnology delivery system offers new approach to skin disease therapies

Hebrew University formula that activates the body's natural defense against free radicals could control a variety of skin pathologies and disorders
hydroxide microflowers

Beautiful images of erbium hydroxide microflowers, Er2CO3(OH)2

As part of a collaboration between the Butler group in Department of Chemistry and the Kozinskli group in the Department of Mining and Materials...