Saturday, September 21, 2019
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Quantum Leap

Taking the Quantum Leap!

What’s in store for the future of computing? Steven Ashby, director at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, tackles the tale of its advancement...
sensor fish

Sensor Fish Duo Successfully Tests Irrigation Screen

Nestled along the expansive Columbia River Gorge is Oregon’s Hood River Valley—home to 24,000 acres of residential and agricultural land, known for...

Surprise Finding Uncovers New Capability for Semiconductor Material

Scientists have taken a common component of digital devices and endowed it with a previously unobserved capability, opening the door to a...
protein-inorganic hybrid materialsvideo

Designer Proteins Form Wires and Lattices on Mineral Surface

Artificial proteins engineered from scratch have been assembled into nanorod arrays, designer filaments and honeycomb lattices on the surface of mica, demonstrating...
Solar-Powered Electrons

New Material Increases the Lifetime of Solar-Powered Electrons

Atom-by-atom control leads to an interface that sustains an internal electric field, an innovative property with promise in the energy conversion and storage

The world’s newest atom-smasher achieves its ‘first turns’

One of the world's top particle accelerators has reached a milestone, achieving its "first turns" — circulating beams of particles for the first time...

Biofuel tech straight from the farm

Nature's figured it out already, how to best break down food into fuel. Now scientists have caught up, showing that fungi found in the...

PNNL developed new way to understand stream temperature in an integrated...

Results: As a bellwether for water quality, stream temperature is regulated to protect aquatic ecosystems. Scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory developed a new modeling...

Research collaboration for lightweight materials no longer a heavy lift

There is now a one-stop shop for industrial researchers who want to use the unique capabilities and talents found at select Department of Energy...

Creating an Electrical Conduit Using Two Insulators

Specially designed junction between two electrically insulating oxides yields a densely packed sheet of electrons

Creating a Super Lattice: Zipping Electrons, Jumping Holes, and the Quest...

Better control of a chromium sidekick makes earth-abundant iron work better in solar panels