Thursday, October 17, 2019
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Curious Properties

A murmuration of starlings. The phrase reads like something from literature or the title of an arthouse film. In fact, it is meant to...

Extreme Exposure

Although common opinion holds that exposure to pesticides increases adverse birth outcomes, the existing body of scientific evidence is ambiguous. Logistical and ethical barriers...

A Dolphin Diet

The health of dolphin populations worldwide depends on sustained access to robust food sources. A new report by UC Santa Barbara researchers and colleagues at...
Alzheimer’s disease

A Biophysical ‘Smoking Gun’

While much about Alzheimer’s disease remains a mystery, scientists do know that part of the disease’s progression involves a normal protein called tau, aggregating...
vascular diseases

A Rising Star

It’s a tiny marine invertebrate, no more than 3 millimeters in size. But closely related to humans, Botryllus schlosseri might hold the key to...
particle physics

Not So Elementary

To anyone but a physicist, it sounds like something out of “Star Trek.” But lepton universality is a real thing. It has to do with the...

Below the Surface

One of the biggest contributors to ocean pollution may be hanging in your closet right now. That would be microfibers, infinitesimal strands of polyester...

Drivers of Insecticide Use

Over the past half century, food production has intensified to meet the growing demand. And as agricultural fields have become ever larger, more pesticides...
co2 mining global warming

Opinion: Worthless mining waste could suck CO₂ out of the atmosphere...

Could waste material from mining be used to trap CO2 emissions? A new £8.6 million research programme will investigate the possibilities. Simon Redfern (Department of Earth Sciences) explains, in...
coral reefvideo

Into the DNA of a Coral Reef Predator

The Crown-of-Thorns Starfish - or COTS - is a familiar sight for scuba divers in tropical waters: the starfish, resembling the biblical that gave...

Your Brain on Exercise

It’s universally accepted that the benefits of exercise go well beyond fitness, from reducing the risk of disease to improving sleep and enhancing mood....

Mystery Solved?

Providing structural support and protection against such conditions as blistering, cataracts and dementia, intermediate filament proteins (IFs) reside in every cell in the human...

More Efficient, Longer-lasting LEDs

UCSB researchers identify specific defects in LED diodes that lead to less efficient solid state lighting
pollen evolution

Pollen: Small But Not Forgotten

A special issue of the American Journal of Botany, edited by botanist Susan Mazer, explores the latest research on pollen performance 
Stem Cells

Unraveling the Mystery of Stem Cells

Neuroscientists document some of the first steps in the process by which a stem cell transforms into different cell types