Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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Study: Rhythmic Interactions Between Cortical Layers Underlie Working Memory

Working memory is a sort of “mental sketchpad” that allows you to accomplish everyday tasks such as calling in your hungry family’s takeout order...
Brain waves

Brain Waves Reflect Different Types of Learning

Figuring out how to pedal a bike and memorizing the rules of chess require two different types of learning, and now for the first...
brain circuit

Neuroscientists Identify Brain Circuit Necessary for Memory Formation

When we visit a friend or go to the beach, our brain stores a short-term memory of the experience in a part of the...
Alzheimer’s diseasevideo

Unique Visual Stimulation May Be New Treatment for Alzheimer’s

Using LED lights flickering at a specific frequency, MIT researchers have shown that they can substantially reduce the beta amyloid plaques seen in Alzheimer’s...

Creating New Treatments for Amblyopia

The visual system can be “rebooted,” offering hope for restoring sight to the visually impaired, according to research at MIT. Amblyopia, also called “lazy eye,”...

Neuroscientists illuminate role of autism-linked gene

Loss of Shank gene prevents neuronal synapses from properly maturing.

How the brain processes emotions

Neuroscientists identify circuits that could play a role in mental illnesses, including depression.
working memory

A new glimpse into working memory

Study finds bursts of neural activity as the brain holds information in mind, overturns a long-held model.