Sunday, August 18, 2019
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circuit boards

New Equipment Helps Engineering Students Create Circuit Boards

Engineering students at the University of Rhode Island will soon have a new instrument to help prepare them for careers in the industry. Thanks to...

Digital Technology Weaves Its Way into Custom Design World

Computer science continues to evolve into all facets of our world, including changing even the most traditional arena of textiles manufacturing. New technology developed by...
Lithium-ion batteries

Designer Binders Protect Silicon Battery Electrodes

The Science In your electric car’s battery, swapping an electrode with one made of silicon could let the battery store 10 times more energy. Why...

Parasitizing Wasps Offer Hope Against Devastating Lily Beetle

Many gardeners across New York state have given up on growing lilies, thanks to the lily leaf beetle, which has devastated the plants in...
Gut Microbiome

UMass Amherst Food Scientists Find Cranberries May Aid the Gut Microbiome

Many scientists are paying new attention to prebiotics, that is, molecules we eat but cannot digest, because some may promote the growth and health...