Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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social game

New CEOs Can Raise Their Social Game to Keep Their Jobs,...

A new study shows that two key factors can make freshly appointed CEOs more vulnerable and raise the odds they’ll get fired....
laser-induced graphene

Bacteria Trapped — and Terminated — by Graphene Filter

Airborne bacteria may see what looks like a comfy shag carpet on which to settle. But it’s a trap.
fluorescent dyesvideo

One-Atom Switch Supercharges Fluorescent Dyes

It only took the replacement of one atom for Rice University scientists to give new powers to biocompatible fluorescent molecules.
implantable nerve stimulators

Wireless Pain Management Could Be Alternative to Opioids

Neuroengineers at Rice University and the Texas Medical Center are teaming up to create implantable, wirelessly powered nerve stimulators that can be...
Quantum material

Quantum Material Goes Where None Have Gone Before 

Rice University physicist Qimiao Si began mapping quantum criticality more than a decade ago, and he’s finally found a traveler that can...
2D material

Borophene on Silver Grows Freely into an Atomic ‘Skin’

Borophene has a nearly perfect partner in a form of silver that could help the trendy two-dimensional material grow to unheard-of lengths.
greenhouse gas

Rice Reactor Turns Greenhouse Gas into Pure Liquid Fuel

A common greenhouse gas could be repurposed in an efficient and environmentally friendly way with an electrolyzer that uses renewable electricity to produce pure...
drug-sensing toolvideo

Chemists Clarify a Chiral Conundrum

It’s always good when your intuition turns out to be right, but scientists at Rice University studying proteins and particles were more...
cancer treatment

Quest for New Cancer Treatment Crosses Milestone

A cancer therapy invented at Rice University has crossed a milestone in clinical trials, a major development in a decadeslong quest to...
incandescent lightbulb

Nano Bulb Lights Novel Path

What may be viewed as the world’s smallest incandescent lightbulb is shining in a Rice University engineering laboratory with the promise of...
Health Psychology

Finding the Right Fit at Work Is Critical to Your Health

The right job can do wonders for older people’s health and well-being, while staying in the wrong job can be bad for...
stem cells

Bacteria Made to Mimic Cells, Form Communities

Rice University scientists have found a way to engineer a new kind of cell differentiation in bacteria, inspired by a naturally occurring...
drug-resistant bacteria

Rice, UTHealth Search for Clues to Fight Antibiotic Resistance

To combat the rise of drug-resistant bacteria, researchers are examining how one superbug adapts to fight an antibiotic of last resort, hoping...
neurological diseases

Rice Chemists Show It’s Hip to Be Square

Rice University chemists want to make a point: Nitrogen atoms are for squares. The nitrogens are the point. The...
heart disease

Paper Trail Leads to Heart Valve Discoveries

Paper is at the heart of an experimental device developed by Rice University bioengineers to study heart disease. They...
quantum bits

Quantum Criticality Could Be a Boon for Qubit Designers

Physicists studying the strange behavior of metal alloys called heavy fermions have made a surprising discovery that could be useful in safeguarding...

Nano-Thermometer Takes Temperature Inside Cells

How do you know a cell has a fever? Take its temperature. That’s now possible thanks to research by...
carbon nanotube

Oddball Edge Wins Nanotube Faceoff

When is a circle less stable than a jagged loop? Apparently when you’re talking about carbon nanotubes. Rice University...
nanotube fibers

Damaged Hearts Rewired with Nanotube Fibers

Thin, flexible fibers made of carbon nanotubes have now proven able to bridge damaged heart tissues and deliver the electrical signals needed to keep...
2D material

Sharp Meets Flat in Tunable 2D Material

A Rice University lab wants its products to look sharp, even at the nanoscale. Its latest creation is right on target.