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aluminum oxidevideo

Capturing the Properties of Very Hot Compounds

The thermodynamic properties of compounds such as aluminum oxide, which are known as refractory materials because they melt at temperatures above 2,000 degrees Celsius...
Electron bifurcation

Flavins Perform Electron Magic

The ScienceElectron bifurcation is a clever means that living things use to better extract energy from their metabolic processes. Electrons in metabolism can be...
heat engines

Miniaturised ‘Heat Engines’ Could Power Nanoscale Machines of the Future

Research from The University of Manchester has thrown new light on the use of miniaturised ‘heat engines’ that could one day help power nanoscale...
Amantadine hydrochloride

New NIST Data to Aid Production and Storage of ‘Fascinating’ Medication

Amantadine hydrochloride may be the most common medication you’ve never heard of. This compound has been around for decades as the basis for antiviral...
plate tectonics

Earth Likely Began with a Solid Shell

Today’s Earth is a dynamic planet with an outer layer composed of giant plates that grind together, sliding past or dipping beneath one another,...
nano-sized hydrogen

Scientific Team Develops Nano-sized Hydrogen Storage System to Increase Efficiency

Lawrence Livermore scientists have collaborated with an interdisciplinary team of researchers, including colleagues from Sandia National Laboratories(link is external), to develop an efficient hydrogen...

3-D Antibody Arrays Offer Better Sensing

Exploiting a process known as molecular self-assembly, MIT chemical engineers have built three-dimensional arrays of antibodies that could be used as sensors to diagnose...
water molecule

Confined Water at Fahrenheit -451

The ScienceThe interactions of water with the surrounding rock mineral deposits create geothermal energy and mineral deposits. The properties of water and other fluids...

A New Understanding of Metastability Clears Path for Next-Generation Materials

They say diamonds are forever, but diamonds in fact are a metastable form of carbon that will slowly but eventually transform into graphite, another...
solar cells

Rubidium Pushes Perovskite Solar Cells to 21.6% Efficiency

Perovskite solar cells have great potential for providing us with cost-effective solar energy. However, heat stability is an issue, and can significantly limit the...
ultracold molecules

New paths for generation of ultracold molecules

Scientists at MPQ produce an extremely cold gas of organic polar molecules