Saturday, September 21, 2019
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Lipids linked to one third of myelomas

Yale Cancer Center researchers have identified a link between lipids and the origin of a third of all myelomas, a type of cancer affecting...

Yale researchers discover underlying cause of myeloma

Yale Cancer Center researchers have identified what causes a third of all myelomas, a type of cancer affecting plasma cells. The findings, published Feb....
colon cancer

Long non-coding RNA critical for development of colorectal cancer identified

Promotes colon tumorigenesis by inhibiting protein ubiquitination
t cells

New approach to adult T-cell leukemia therapy

A University of Tokyo research group has discovered that genome-wide epigenetic disorder is behind patterns of abnormal gene expression found in adult T-cell leukemia-lymphoma...

Open-source laser fabrication lowers costs for cancer research

Rice bioengineers reprogram laser cutter to etch 50,000 microwells per hour 
acoustic tweezers

Acoustic tweezers manipulate cells with sound waves

Technique could enable 3-D printing of cellular structures for tissue engineering.

Proteins seek, attack, destroy tumor cells in bloodstream

Using white blood cells to ferry potent cancer-killing proteins through the bloodstream virtually eliminates metastatic prostate cancer in mice, Cornell researchers have confirmed. Their...

Quickly identifying tumors by using antibodies

Antibodies combat viruses and bacteria. They also attach themselves to cancer cells – in a typical, characteristic way. Fraunhofer scientists are using this property...