Friday, May 24, 2019
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Bacteria Hairs

Bacteria Hairs Make Excellent Electrical Wires

This discovery could lead to low-cost, non-toxic, biological components for light-weight electronics.

Sea-level rise from Antarctic ice sheet could double

An ice sheet model that includes previously underappreciated processes indicates that sea level may rise almost 50 feet by 2500 due to Antarctic ice...

Automatic bug repair

At the Association for Computing Machinery’s Programming Language Design and Implementation conference this month, MIT researchers presented a new system that repairs dangerous software...

Longstanding problem put to rest

Comparing the genomes of different species — or different members of the same species — is the basis of a great deal of modern...

Human insights inspire solutions for household robots

New algorithms designed by Berkeley and UMass researchers allow autonomous systems to deal with uncertaintyPeople typically consider doing the laundry to be a boring...

Microbullet hits confirm graphene’s strength

Graphene’s great strength appears to be determined by how well it stretches before it breaks, according to Rice University scientists who tested the material’s properties...