Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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integrated circuits

Carving out Circuits That Click into Place

A strategy for assembly of electronic systems—especially the flexible structures needed for high-performance devices of the future—uses integrated circuits as Lego-like building blocks. “This...
virtual eye

Sophomore Develops Virtual “Eye” for Blind

Maitri Mangal is part of a Binghamton University team that hopes to develop a device that can act as “eyes” for the visually impaired.The...

Wearable System Helps Visually Impaired Users Navigate

Computer scientists have been working for decades on automatic navigation systems to aid the visually impaired, but it’s been difficult to come up with...
touchable tabletvideo

A Touchable Tablet to Guide the Visually Impaired

Navigating in an unfamiliar setting is a major challenge for people with a visual impairment. To make it easier for them to find their...
blind and visually impairedvideo

Prototype Smart Cane Could Transform Lives of the Blind and Visually...

An enterprising researcher from The University of Manchester has developed a prototype tool that could help transform the lives of the blind and visually...
Haptic communication

Touch and feel over distance: the next trend in ICT?

Tactile displays may have changed the way we interact with technology, but this is a mere evolution compared to the true revolution that is...

Technology provides virtual “guide dog” for the blind

wearable device enabled by low-power chip processing 3-D camera data, could guide the visually impaired.