Working in The Renewable Energy Industry

Having a job in the renewable energy industry isn’t exactly a walk in the park. This not a common 8-hour shift job wherein you just sit in the office all day doing papers. Although some workers do menial tasks, others spend most of their time on the turbines and types of machinery. Those turbines don’t run and maintain themselves.

In a wind power plant, there is not much difference in the purpose and functionality of the turbines. Whether on-site or in the home, area managersĀ  need to be very attentive should there be a concern in the machinery. Technicians and engineers have to be alert at any time and be prepared to respond at every hour of the day should complications arise.

When the pandemic emerged, people working in renewable energy industries were deemed essential personnel. This means that they still have to work every day despite the risk of catching the virus. They have to adapt and put up new protocols in place to reduce the risk of virus transmission.

The only people permitted to enter the sites are those deemed essential workers. Because not everyone is present, some people had to do more than their previous workloads while some had to work for extra time.

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