Thursday, November 15, 2018
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food as medicine

Food as Medicine: Fixing Health with a Fork

The idea that food has medicinal properties dates to Antiquity but has seen a revival in recent times with an abundance of research, journals,...
parental diet

Parental Diet Affects Offspring Immunity: Meta-Analysis

A multidisciplinary wide-ranging study has found a close relationship exists between parents' diets and the immunity of offspring, with implications for wildlife conservation and...
symposium, diabetes, Zoonosis, spin, human nutrition, blockchain

Pre-Diabetes Discovery Marks Step Towards Precision Medicine

Identification of three molecules that can be used to accurately assess pre-diabetes – a key predictor of conditions such as diabetes and high blood...

The New Research That Could Transform Diabetes Treatment

In the lead-up to World Diabetes Day 2017, newly appointed Associate Professor Samantha Hocking is determined to challenge the one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. Associate Professor...
symposium, diabetes, Zoonosis, spin, human nutrition, blockchain

Don’t Believe the Hype – Science Spin Prevalent, Researchers Warn

Researchers from the University’s multidisciplinary Charles Perkins Centreand Faculty of Pharmacy reviewed 35 published academic studies of so-called ‘spin’ in biomedical scientific papers –...