Monday, June 24, 2019
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liquid crystals

Researchers Explore New Applications for “Smart” Material

Research led by scientists from the University of Luxembourg has shown the potential of liquid crystal shells as enabling material for a vast array...
food testing

New Technology Could Offer Cheaper, Faster Food Testing

The foodborne pathogen Escherichia coli O157 causes an estimated 73,000 illnesses and 60 deaths every year in the United States. Better safety tests could...
microsize QR

A Tiny Answer to a Big Problem

The counterfeit drug industry is thriving. Criminals are cashing in on an estimated $200 billion in profits – nearly 10 percent of pharmaceuticals worldwide...
atomic memory device

Tiny ‘Atomic Memory’ Device Able to Store Every Book Ever Written

The 1 kilobyte device has an information storage density that is two to three orders of magnitude beyond current hard disk or flash technology....
hard disk

Smallest Hard Disk to Date Writes Information Atom by Atom

Every day, modern society creates more than a billion gigabytes of new data. To store all this data, it is increasingly important that each...
video privacy

Video Privacy Tool Lets You Select What Others See

Camera-equipped smartphones, laptops and other devices make it possible to share ideas and images with anyone, anywhere, often in real-time. But in our cameras-everywhere...