Monday, July 16, 2018
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Unmanned Vehicles

TPU Spin-Off Develops an Intelligent Steering System for Kamaz Unmanned Vehicles

The SATL vehicle of the extra small class is intended for moving across roads with firm coatings via digital maps, navigation systems, and technical...
bone implants

Metal Ions Might Improve Bioactive Properties of Bone Implants

The Director of Physical Materials Science and Composite Materials that is part of the Research School of Chemistry & Applied Biomedical Sciences says Roman Surmenev:...
tunable laser

A Tunable Laser to Enable Bioimaging Within an Ultra-Wide Spectral Range

The findings of this research were published in the Photonics Research . Arbitrary wavelength generation is a fundamental challenge in modern photonics. The present solutions are based...
electrify smart fabrics

Polymer Nanocarpets to Electrify Smart Fabrics

Graphene is simultaneously the most durable, light and an electrically conductive carbon compound. It can be used for manufacturing solar batteries, smartphone screens, thin...

Graphene Oxide Making Any Material Suitable to Create Biosensors

The study was conducted by the researchers from Tomsk Polytechnic University, the University of Vilnius, the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (Lithuania) and...