Sunday, May 19, 2019
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Safer, Less Vulnerable Software Is the Goal of New NIST Computer...

We can create software with 100 times fewer vulnerabilities than we do today, according to computer scientists at the National Institute of Standards and...

Making America’s Infrastructure “Future-Proof”

America's roads, bridges, waterways and energy systems are worn, torn and weathered. After years of neglect, Costa Samaras says it's time to invest in...
Computing Initiative

White House Advances High-Performance Computing Initiative

The White House last week released a new strategic plan to implement the National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI) – a supercomputing research effort –...

Realizing the Potential of Quantum Information Science and Advancing High-Performance Computing

The White House announced today a new report from the National Science and Technology Council on challenges, opportunities and the path forward in quantum...

Dietary Fiber and Microbes Change the Gel That Lines Our Gut

In the ongoing hustle and bustle of our intestines, where bacteria and food regularly intermingle, there is another substance that, to the surprise of...

PNNL helps lead national microbiome initiative

Microbes' effects on climate, food production, human health under scrutiny

Maximizing Microbiome Knowledge

Top scientists, innovative collaborations, and world-class infrastructure position UNC-CH for new presidential initiative to understand the microbial world

Announcing the National Microbiome Initiative

The new National Microbiome Initiative aims to advance microbiome science in ways that will benefit individuals, communities, and the planet.
water treatment

Acoustic technique presents fresh take on water treatment

Technology could solve longstanding problem of separating gas from water