How to Fix Faulty Solar Outdoor Lights

Solar lighting is an excellent lighting option when they’re newly purchased. However, at times you will have to roll up your sleeves and set about repairing faulty outdoor solar lights. Outdoor solar lights are easy to install. They work by using embedded solar PV cells that convert sunlight rays to electricity to power the light bulbs. They also have batteries that store accumulated solar energy.

Solar lights have some demerits that may lessen their efficiency the longer they are in use. The most common issue with outdoor solar lighting is a dirty solar panel. Fortunately, that’s not hard to repair.

This article will discuss ways to tackle faulty outdoor solar lights.

solar landscape lighting

  • Trim and Maintain Your Landscape

There are times your outdoor solar lighting stops functioning, not because of an inherent fault but an external influence. For example, if the vegetation in your landscape is overgrown, the chances are high that they will be in the way of most of the sunlight the solar panels need to charge the batteries.

Fixing this is not tasking at all. All you have to do is trim overgrown plants or simply reposition the panels to expose them to sunlight directly.

Also, animals and other factors such as freezing and defrosting soil can alter the position of the lighting or its solar panel to an angle that compromises its exposure to sunlight. Simply reposition the lighting or panel to be directly exposed to sunlight.

Also, get a clean cloth to wipe any debris or dust off the solar panel. Once the solar panel is exposed to sunlight for about 2 hours, the solar lighting should light up if you place your hand over the panel.

  • Refresh the Solar Panel

Outdoor solar lights can stop functioning when the plastic covering of the panel becomes cloudy. This mostly happens to cheap landscape lighting. To fix this issue, wipe the plastic with a soft and slightly wet cloth and apply clear nail polish (1 coat will do) immediately after the panel is completely dry.

Doing this will revive the panel and allow it to receive sunlight like before. Allow the nail polish to dry totally, then position the solar lighting upwards so that the panel will be directly exposed to sufficient sunlight.

  • Inspect the Battery

If you’re done cleaning and checking for other possible causes and the solar lighting is still not functioning, then it’s very likely the batteries need to be replaced. The batteries are often beneath the solar panel. Use a small screwdriver to unscrew the battery compartment and check inside.

Some solar lights have a single AA battery. Whatever battery you see in the battery compartment should be replaced with a new one of the exact type.

  • Check the Light

Check the light switch to ensure that it’s completely turned on. Depending on the light, the switch can be at the base of the light capsule or underneath the outdoor solar light.

After turning on the switch, position the light in a location or angle where it can get as much sunlight as possible. After receiving enough sunlight, test its workability by covering the panel with your hand.

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