Studying the impact of fission fragmentations

JRC-IRMM Open Day 2015 © Fotolia, 3dmentat

JRC scientists, working with Romanian nuclear research institutions, have revealed the underlying importance of fragmentations that has to be considered in prompt emission calculations.

Prompt fission neutron and photon emission are an essential process in nuclear fission, whose underlying physics is not yet entirely understood. Since prompt neutrons entertain the chain reaction in nuclear reactors, the number of prompt neutrons emitted in fission is a key quantity for nuclear reactor operation.

Scientists from the JRC-Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM), together with a theoretical group at Bucharest University have carefully studied the influence of many fission-fragment parameters on the number of promptly emitted neutrons. Its sensitivity to fission fragment characteristics are based on experimental results achieved at JRC-IRMM and is crucial to benchmark nuclear reaction modelling.

Read more in: A. Tudora et al.: “Sensitivity of Prompt Neutron Multiplicity to Fission Fragment Characteristics“, Nucl. Sci. and Eng. 181 (2015) 289-301, doi:org/10.13182/NSE14-108