Saturday, October 19, 2019
tissue grafts

Technion breakthrough improves chances tissue grafts will survive and thrive

A better understanding of the effect of mechanical forces on blood vessel assembly in engineered tissues aids optimal growth of new blood vessels after tissue transplantation

Neuroscience research into dyslexia leads to ‘brainprints’

Project aimed at predicting reading problems yields unexpected benefits in biometrics
pancreatic cancer

Implantable device targets pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States, in part because it is very difficult for chemotherapy drugs...
cancer cells

Microscope uses artificial intelligence to find cancer cells more efficiently

Device invented by UCLA professor uses deep learning and photonic time stretch to analyze 36 million images per second
asthma biomarkers

New asthma biomarkers discovered, could ease detection

People with asthma have telltale molecules circulating in their blood, say researchers at Penn State College of Medicine. The discovery could lead to the...

New laser gets to the heart of imaging

Yale scientists have developed a laser imaging system with the versatility to look at both the structure of biological tissue and the dynamic activity...

How the brain produces consciousness in “time slices”

brain-produces-consciousness-in-time-slices-" class="page-title heading">EPFL scientists propose a new way of understanding how the brain processes unconscious information into our consciousness. According to the model, consciousness...
Antibiotic Resistance

UC San Diego Scientists Receive $9.5 Million NIH Grant to Combat Antibiotic Resistance 

Interdisciplinary program will use systems biology approaches to understand how antibiotics work in concert with patient’s immune system

Blindness therapy comes a step closer following licensing deal with US firm

Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, who have a disease that can lead to blindness, could have their sight restored after The University of...
cancer immunotherapy

UCLA joins collaboration to advance cancer immunotherapy research

Parker Institute brings together nation’s leading cancer centers to develop new therapies for metastatic disease
phantom limb pain

Emory radiologists freeze phantom limb pain using minimally invasive procedure

J. David Prologo, MD, delivered new findings from an Emory Interventional Radiology and Image Guided Medicine study at the Society of Interventional Radiology’s 2016...
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Researchers find new clue in lupus autoantibody production

A signaling molecule called interferon gamma could hold the key to understanding how harmful autoantibodies form in lupus patients. The finding could lead to...

Malaria: a new route of access to the heart of the parasite

Scientists have just identified an Achilles heel in the parasite that causes malaria, by showing that its optimum development is dependent on its ability...

Researchers find key to zinc rich plants to combat malnutrition

The diet in many developing countries is lacking zinc, but researchers have just solved the riddle of how to get more zinc into crop seeds. The discovery has been published in Nature Plants, and the research was led by University of Copenhagen. 
cell ‘crosstalk’

Yale scientists capture cell ‘crosstalk’ during blood vessel development

The blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients throughout the body develop through a complex process of reactions — or crosstalk — between cells...

Co-evolving Antivirals Aim to Keep Ahead of Fast-Changing Viruses

New program aims to develop adaptive therapies able to outpace viral mutations

This popular painkiller may hamper your ability to notice errors

It’s been known for more than a century that acetaminophen is an effective painkiller, but a new University of Toronto study shows it could also...

Sea slug brain chemistry reveals a lot about human memory, learning

This team leaves no neuron unturned, using powerful new analytical chemistry tools to gain unprecedented insights into how animal and human brains function As you...
circadian neurons

It’s a Small World 

UCSB researchers reveal, to single-cell resolution, the network of circadian neurons that communicate to re-establish synchronization

Antibiotics Don’t Promote Swapping of Resistance Genes

Bacterial resistance spreads through population dynamics, not an increase in gene transfers