Monday, July 22, 2019
All-Terrain Vehicle

NYU Tandon Students Build an All-Terrain Vehicle from the Ground up

Last year for the first time in school history, a group of students participated in the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Baja competition. In Baja SAE,...

Will cars of the future run on poop?

The U.S. produces over 1 billion tons of manure, including human waste, every year.That mountain of excrement not only poses a disposal problem, it...

Charging an electric car as fast as filling a tank of gas

Electric cars will be competitive when they can be charged in the time it takes to fill the gas tank. EPFL researchers have found...
Concrete Sustainability

Paving Sustainably

Although the nearly 21 million miles of paved roads around the globe appear static, their environmental footprints are anything but set.
freight train

NGT CARGO: What Freight Trains of the Future will Look Like

Transport researchers at the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) have developed an innovative, holistic locomotive concept – the NGT...
Autonomous vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles Could Shape the Future of Urban Tourism

In the first study of its kind, published in the Annals of Tourism Research, academics from the University of Surrey and the University of Oxford have examined...
hybrid heavy-duty trucks

Engineers Develop Concept for Hybrid Heavy-Duty Trucks

Heavy-duty trucks, such as the 18-wheelers that transport many of the world’s goods from farm or factory to market, are virtually all...
driverless car

Ground-Breaking Driverless Car Project Showcases Vision for a Connected Transport Future

These findings focus on data and connectivity and consider how data can be leveraged to optimise the functionality of the road network and provide...

Breakthrough in Hydrogen Fuel Technology Announced by Seattle Area Start-up

KONTAK, a Redmond, Washington-based, early-stage energy technology company announces that is has made a significant breakthrough the development in the prototyping of safe hydrogen storage and fuel delivery system using a recyclable hydrogen carrier.
battery electrodes

Cleaning up hybrid battery electrodes improves capacity and lifespan

New way of building supercapacitor-battery electrodes eliminates interference from inactive components
autonomous vehicles

‘Air Traffic Control’ for Driverless Cars Could Speed up Deployment

Combining human and artificial intelligence in autonomous vehicles could push driverless cars more quickly toward wide-scale adoption, University of Michigan researchers say.
battery technology

Clues on the path to a new battery technology

Charging produces highly reactive singlet oxygen in lithium air batteries
Radical Technologyvideo

GXV-T Advances Radical Technology for Future Combat Vehicles

DARPA’s Ground X-Vehicle Technologies (GXV-T) program aims to improve mobility, survivability, safety, and effectiveness of future combat vehicles without piling on armor. Several Phase 2 contract...
smart mobility

NTU Singapore and Schaeffler Set up Joint Lab to Develop Smart Mobility Devices

In future, you could get off the train and hop onto an electric kickboard equipped with a smart unit that can warn you of...
Battery Electrodes

Nano-Sculptures for Longer-Lasting Battery Electrodes

Liquid metal transforms solid alloy into pore-filled structure that could be used in future batteries.

Tiny probe could produce big improvements in batteries and fuel cells 

A team led by University of Washington engineers has developed a new tool that could aid in the quest for better batteries and fuel...
electric motor

World-Record Electric Motor Makes First Flight

Technical milestone: maiden flight of an electric aircraft with a 260-kilowatt power output Siemens motor powers Extra 330LE aerobatic airplane in near silence ...
automated driving

Federal safety chief discusses future of automated driving

Discussions of self-driving vehicles are often accompanied by highly confident predictions: Visions of the future include whole networks of automated cars seamlessly zipping around...
electric truck

World’s Largest Electric Truck in Operation

The world's largest electric vehicle with an empty weight of 58 tons and a payload of 65 tons has been christened «Lynx» on April 20...
hybrid electric propulsion

Airbus and Siemens Sign Agreement in the Field of Hybrid Electric Propulsion Systems

Airbus Group and Siemens have signed a collaboration agreement in the field of hybrid electric propulsion. In doing so, the Chief Executive Officers (CEO)...