Research Collaboration: Breaking Down Barriers

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There’s an ongoing desire to strengthen collaboration between national laboratories, universities, and industry. Combining talent, leveraging equipment and facilities only makes sense, and will accelerate innovation and discovery. Impeding the merger of ideas and effort is the current communications model, which limits or restricts the flow of information, stifling innovation and discovery. As a result, there is a staggering amount of wasted resources. And, this is only part of the story.

A recent article in Forbes pointed out: “Of today’s 2.1 million active patents, 95 percent fail to be licensed or commercialized. These unlicensed patents include over 50,000 high-quality patented inventions developed by universities. More than $5 trillion has been spent in the U.S. alone on research and development over the past 20 years, much of which went to create the very patents that remain unlicensed.”

In another study by Forrester Research, they discovered: “U.S. firms annually waste $1 trillion in underused intellectual property assets by failing to extract the full value of that property through partnerships.”  

Trillions of dollars wasted. Millions of innovations sitting on shelves waiting to be unleashed. Unlocking this potential would introduce a torrent of products into the market, many of which would likely be of great benefit to society. Being able to connect every idea with a potential partner for collaboration, investment, or product development, would be a game changer.

The broken system

In order to “fix” a problem, there has to be an aha moment. That realization and something’s not right. It would seem obvious that with trillions of dollars spent and with so many ideas waiting to be discovered, that a very serious problem does, indeed, exist. There certainly has to be a desire to get a return on those investments, to develop these ideas into products for business, industry and society. Nobody wants to do all this work and spend all this money for nothing.  

The IP Blackhole

So, what’s the problem? Why is it so difficult for these groups to find each other? How can we unleash the potential of this trapped IP and then develop perfect R&D partnerships going forward? The model, today, limits the exchange of ideas by siloing information, blocking or delaying its dissemination and by creating hierarchies of collaboration all limiting the interchange of ideas. Breakdown these barriers and things change, dramatically.

A new model

Ideally, connecting all these stakeholders, instantly, to every new idea and discovery should be the goal. What if that unused IP, sitting on shelves, could instantly connect to potential partners? What if the great labs and greatest minds could instantly find each other to deliver solutions for some of the world’s most perplexing problems?

We need a new way to communicate, a new platform which allows organizations to locate perfect partners while protecting anonymity and IP if needed or desired. It would have to be fast (instant), providing users with real-time information. It would have to be unbiased, allowing the ideas and information to drive the response and not the personalities. And, it would have to be comprehensive.

What if a new material with certain properties was instantly shared with others interested in a similar material, components or those same certain properties? What if a food packaging scientist could solve an aerospace problem with their IP? Today, it’s almost impossible for the two to meet. What if a citizen scientist in South America could instantly share an idea with a company in Germany working on a similar new product? This new communications platform would make all the connections so that unheard of collaboration and discovery is possible. Someone somewhere is developing the next great material or product or knows the solution to society’s greatest problems. The answers are out there!

Vloyen represents a new model for information interchange, instantly connecting ideas to partners for collaboration or investment, moving IP off the shelf and into the market.  Vloyen brings order to the existing chaos, breaking down barriers, removing the impediments which block the free-flow of information.

About Vloyen

Vloyen (flowen) revolutionizes the way organizations communicate, providing instant, unfettered access to information, resulting in new efficiencies and discoveries.

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