Friday, October 18, 2019
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3D bioprinting technique

Easy to Use 3D Bioprinting Technique Creates Lifelike Tissues from Natural...

Bioengineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a 3D bioprinting technique that works with natural materials and is easy...
gene therapy

Bioengineering Team’s ‘Circuit’ Work May Benefit Gene Therapy

Researchers at The University of Texas at Dallas have designed genetic “circuits” out of living cellular material in order to gain a better understanding...
plant biotechnology

Revealing an Imperfect Actor in Plant Biotechnology

A research team led by MIT's Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research has harnessed metabolomic technologies to unravel the molecular activities of a key protein...

UCLA Bioengineers Discover Mechanism That Regulates Cells’ ‘Powerhouses’

UCLA bioengineers and their colleagues have discovered a new perspective on how cells regulate the sizes of mitochondria, the parts of cells that provide...
Cancerous tumors

Stemlike Cells at Tumor Perimeter Promote New Blood Vessels to Feed...

Cancerous tumors need nutrients to grow, so they secrete factors promoting new blood-vessel formation to feed themselves. Researchers have long known that cells in...
rare syndrome

Cellular Mechanisms Underlying Rare Syndrome Discovered

The cellular and gene expression mechanisms that lead to malformation of the jawbone (or mandible), the most characteristic feature of Richieri-Costa Pereira syndrome, have...

In a Sample of Blood, Researchers Probe for Cancer Clues

One day, patients may be able to monitor their body’s response to cancer therapy just by having their blood drawn. A new study, led...

Oral Delivery System Could Make Vaccinations Needle-free

Patients could one day self-administer vaccines using a needleless, pill-sized technology that jet-releases a stream of vaccine inside the mouth, according to a proof-of-concept...
congestive heart failure

Cutting-edge Model of the Heart Will Help Scientists Study New Therapies

A team of UCLA doctors, scientists and engineers have created a detailed computer model that shows how the heart’s electrical signals are affected by...
Bacterial survival

Bacterial survival switch triggered by growth rate

Rice study decodes genetic circuitry for bacterial spore formation

Rice University tool simplifies comparison of flow cytometry data for laboratories

Rice University bioengineers have developed a tool to standardize data obtained through flow cytometry, one of the most widely used instruments to analyze living cells. The...

Bioengineers to discover the inner workings of a novel mode of...

A chance observation of a water lily beetle skimming across a pond inspired researchers to investigate the mysterious and sophisticated mode of flight it employs to overcome the physical challenges of flying over water.
selective laser sintering platform

Modified laser cutter prints 3-D objects from powder

Rice bioengineers make open-source laser sintering printer for biomaterials fabrication

Penn Engineers Use Network Science to Predict How Ligaments Fail

When doctors diagnose a torn ligament, it’s usually because they can see ruptures in the ligament’s collagen fibers, visible on a variety of different...

To Help Diabetics, Intelligent Socks Are Paired With Smartphones

Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage associated with the development of foot ulcers in patients with diabetes. Resulting from anatomical deformation, excessive...

Open-source laser fabrication lowers costs for cancer research

Rice bioengineers reprogram laser cutter to etch 50,000 microwells per hour 

Microfiber Pad to Improve Diagnostics and Treatment of Urinary Tract Infections

Hebrew University students develop micro-tubes that draw sterile urine samples using capillary forces in seconds