Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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power network

Power on Demand

The power network cannot store energy. But nature doesn't care about that. So photovoltaic or wind power plants produce energy in varying amounts according...
genetic mutation

Using Machine Learning to Uncover Genetic Mutation Mechanism

Our genes contain recipes to make proteins that build and regulate our bodies. Our genetic information is stored in our DNA. Genetic mutations occur...

Judy Cha: Mining Energy from New Materials

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, but turning it into a practical renewable fuel has long been a challenge for researchers....
electronic triage

Electronic Triage Tool Improves Patient Care in Emergency Departments

When a patient arrives in any emergency department, one of the first steps in their care process is triage, an opportunity for a care...
coffee grounds

More than Just Spilling the Beans

As part of its food production processes, the Swiss food industry produces about half a million tons of organic waste a year. The food...
Dry Ion Localization and Locomotion

Tiny “Tornado” Boosts Performance of Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry

Known as Dry Ion Localization and Locomotion (DRILL), the new device creates a swirling flow that can separate electrospray droplets depending on their size....

Higher Methane Yield from Bio-waste

Already today, methane is produced from biological waste and sewage sludge in fermentation plants and fed into the natural gas network. However, the raw...

The Energy Sciences Institute: Developing Tomorrow’s Energy

In his office at the Energy Sciences Institute (ESI), Shu Hu holds a small box in his hand. Five years in the making, Hu hopes...
Evaporative Stress Index

UMD Scientists Help Develop New Drought Early Warning Tool

Farmers, ranchers, and water resource managers in North America will have more time to prepare for potentially damaging drought conditions thanks to a new...