Monday, August 19, 2019
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Weird Pupils Let Octopuses See Their Colorful Gardens

Octopuses, squid and other cephalopods are colorblind – their eyes see only black and white – but their weirdly shaped pupils may allow them...

Driverless Cars: Who Gets Protected?

Driverless cars pose a quandary when it comes to safety. These autonomous vehicles are programmed with a set of safety rules, and it is...

Flight of the RoboBees

Long-term NSF support for Harvard University researchers helps develop unique flying micro-robots
Graphene oxide

For stronger, lighter, cheaper materials, scroll up

Water filters of the future may be made from billions of tiny, graphene-based nanoscrolls. Each scroll, made by rolling up a single, atom-thick layer...

‘The intellectual terrain of statistics’

In The Seven Pillars of Statistical Wisdom, published in March by the Harvard University Press, Stephen Stigler identifies seven fundamental principles of statistics, a largely interdisciplinary...
3d material

Delft students help to design 3D material with controllable shape and...

Imagine a house that will fit into a rucksack or a wall that turns into a window at the flick of a button. In...