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rice productionvideo

WUR Helps Design Uniquely Productive Complex Rice System in Indonesia

A joint project by Wageningen University and Research (the Netherlands) and Brawijaya University (Indonesia) has resulted in cultivation methods which outperform all other forms...

NASA Pinpoints Cause of Earth’s Recent Record Carbon Dioxide Spike

A new NASA study provides space-based evidence that Earth’s tropical regions were the cause of the largest annual increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration...
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A Dengue Treatment That Is One ‘Four’ All

A vaccine candidate that blocks infection and confers protection against all four strains of dengue virus has been uncovered by Katja Fink and Cheng-I...

A Tiny Fraction of Oceans Could Satisfy the World’s Fish Demand

From sashimi to smoked salmon, ceviche to mussels Provençal, seafood dishes are among the world’s best-loved culinary delights and dietary staples. But the billions of...
Droughts and wildfires

Hydrological Drought Amplifies Wildfires in Borneo’s Humid Tropics

The area of wildfires in Borneo during drought years turns out to be ten times larger than during non-drought years, an international research team...
climate change

Newly-discovered Peatlands Must Be Protected to Prevent Climate Change

Recently discovered peatlands in Amazonia and Africa must be protected from commercial agriculture to prevent environmental disaster, say researchers at the University of St...

The Secret Inside a Supervolcano

The deadliest volcanoes on earth are called supervolcanoes, capable of producing cataclysmic eruptions that devastate huge regions, and cause global cooling of the climate....

Arclight – a Medical Revolution

A revolutionary pocket-sized device which could help save the sight of millions of people around the world has been launched by a team led...
greenest university

UC Davis Named Most Sustainable University in the World

The University of California, Davis, is the greenest university in the world, as declared today (Dec. 29) by the seventh annual GreenMetric ranking from...
Oil palm plantation

Reduced Ecosystem Functions in Oil Palm Plantations

Large areas of tropical lowland forests have been replaced by oil palm plantations, with major impact on environment and people. An interdisciplinary team of...
vapour bubbles

Bubbles lead to disaster

Why are volcanologists interested in vapour bubbles? Because they can accumulate in a magma reservoir underneath a volcano, priming it to explode. Researchers at...

Powerful tool predicts wave behavior

UT mathematicians describe water waves at any depth