Tuesday, October 15, 2019


corn plants

Breeding Highly Productive Corn Has Reduced Its Ability to Adapt

Stuck where they are, plants have to adapt to their environments, responding to stresses like drought or pests by changing how they grow. On a...

New Model Reveals Possibility of Pumping Antibiotics into Bacteria

Researchers in the University of Wisconsin–Madison Department of Biochemistry have discovered that a cellular pump known to move drugs like antibiotics out of E....

Thin Photodetector Could Increase Performance Without Adding Bulk

In today’s increasingly powerful electronics, tiny materials are a must as manufacturers seek to increase performance without adding bulk. Smaller also is better for optoelectronic...
virus replicationvideo

Morgridge Scientists Illuminate Structures Vital to Virus Replication

In the fight against the viruses that invade everyday life, seeing and understanding the battleground is essential. Scientists at the Morgridge Institute for Research...
plant biomass

Termite Gut Holds a Secret to Breaking down Plant Biomass

In the Microbial Sciences Building at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, the incredibly efficient eating habits of a fungus-cultivating termite are surprising even to those...

A Scientist and a Supercomputer Re-create a Tornado

With tornado season fast approaching or already underway in vulnerable states throughout the U.S., new supercomputer simulations are giving meteorologists unprecedented insight into the...

Listeria May Be Serious Miscarriage Threat Early in Pregnancy

Listeria, a common food-borne bacterium, may pose a greater risk of miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy than appreciated, according to researchers at...
metabolic disease

From Mice, Clues to Microbiome’s Influence on Metabolic Disease

The community of microorganisms that resides in the gut, known as the microbiome, has been shown to work in tandem with the genes of...

UW-Madison Team Wins Innovation Award in Hyperloop Competition

A team of University of Wisconsin–Madison students won an innovation award in a worldwide SpaceX Hyperloop pod competition. The UW–Madison Badgerloop team competed against 30...