Friday, August 23, 2019
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Thermoelectric Power Generation

Thermoelectric Power Generation at Room Temperature: Coming Soon?

Thermoelectric (TE) materials could play a key role in future technologies. Although the applications of these remarkable compounds have long been explored, they are...

Gene Shown to Induce Undifferentiated Cells During Tadpole Tail Regeneration

A group of researchers at the University of Tokyo found that a particular gene, interleukin-11, functions as a key factor in inducing and maintaining...
carbon nanotube

Creative Use of Noise Brings Bio-Inspired Electronic Improvement

In conventional electronics, a great deal of effort is devoted to eliminating stochastic resonance (SR) -- the annoying hiss that generally hinders the detection...
construction robot

A Dual-arm Construction Robot with Remote-control Function

A group of Japanese researchers developed a new concept construction robot for disaster relief situations. This robot has a double swing dual arm mechanism...
drug discovery

Lighting up Drug Discovery

Some proteins can be most uncooperative. Some refuse to form nice crystals for analysis by x-ray crystallography, others are too insoluble for nuclear magnetic...
brain activity

Genes and the Environment Equally Affect Language-related Brain Activity

Osaka University-led researchers examine brain activity in monozygotic and dizygotic Japanese twins and show that environmental and genetic influences affect language-related brain activities in...

Supercomputer Simulation Reveals 2D Glass Can Go Infinitely Soft

Scientists in Japan have revealed that if a glassy solid possesses a planar (sheet-like) structure, it can exhibit enhanced thermal vibration motion due to...
phantom limb pain

Cause of Phantom Limb Pain in Amputees, and Potential Treatment, Identified

We wanted to see if we could come up with an engineering-based treatment as opposed to a drug-based treatment.Ben SeymourResearchers have discovered that a...
Superconducting Nanowire

Development of Flexible Optical Design Method for Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detectors

The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology has succeeded in the development of flexible optical design method for superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors (SSPDs...