Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Optical spring

‘Optical spring’ enables detection of single molecules

A team of engineering researchers from the University of Rochester and the University of Victoria has developed a way to detect single molecules with...
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A*Star’s IME Kicks off Consortia to Develop Advanced Packaging Solutions

A*STAR’s Institute of Microelectronics (IME) has launched two consortia on advanced packaging, the Silicon Photonics Packaging consortium (Phase II) and the MEMS Wafer Level...
telecoms architecture

New Telecoms Architecture to Boost Data Speed and Cut Technology Costs

An EU-funded project, FABULOUS (FDMA Access By Using Low-cost Optical Network Units in Silicon Photonics), has created innovative new components to be used in...

New approach to microlasers

Technique for “phase locking” arrays of tiny lasers could lead to terahertz security scanners.
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Revolutionary wrist fracture device developed in SA

An innovative new device which will help wrist fractures heal faster and can be fitted more easily by surgeons has been developed, and will...
quantum computer

New design of primitive quantum computer finds application

Scientists and engineers from the Universities of Bristol and Western Australia have developed how to efficiently simulate a “quantum walk” on a new design...
stochastic resonance

Stochastic resonance, chaos transfer shown in an optomechanical microresonator

Researchers in the School of Engineering & Applied Science at Washington University in St. Louis have discovered a novel route to encode chaos on light...
Manipulating Light

Manipulating Light Inside An Opaque Layer

Light propagating in a layer of scattering nanoparticles, shows the principles of diffusion - like tea particles in hot water. The deeper light is...

Scientists Blend Coinage Metals to Get Alloys Better than Gold

Scientists at the University of Maryland have shown for the first time that two-metal mixtures, or alloys, of gold, silver, and copper can potentially...

Laser technique promises super-fast and super-secure quantum cryptography 

A new method of implementing an ‘unbreakable’ quantum cryptographic system is able to transmit information at rates more than ten times faster than previous...
Optomechanical Transducer

Optomechanical Transducer Links Sound, Light and Radio Waves

Researchers working at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed a “piezo-optomechanical circuit” that converts signals among optical, acoustic and radio...

Tiny Trees from UC San Diego are High-Tech Flexible Sensors

The tiny trees on the image above, part of the artwork for Research Expo 2016, are actually sensors, fabricated by researchers in the lab of...
Quantum Light

A New Source of Quantum Light

A new ultra-bright source of single photons - 15 times brighter than commonly used sources and emitting photons that are 99.5% indistinguishable from one...
Quantum Engineering

Bristol leading on quantum innovation

The University of Bristol’s Quantum Engineering Technology Labs (QETLabs) has set out to change the way quantum technologies are designed, developed and manufactured and...

Moving electrons around loops with light: A quantum device based on...

Scientists demonstrate versatile, noise-tolerant quantum operations on a single electron

EU launches three advanced pilot lines in photonics

Three major Pilot Lines, which help SMEs take photonics technologies from lab into market, have been launched today by the Photonics Public Private Partnership...

Switching light with a silver atom

Researchers working under Juerg Leuthold, Professor of Photonics and Communications, have created the world’s smallest integrated optical switch. Applying a small voltage causes an...