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hybrid nano-probe

USC Dornsife Scientist Develops Hybrid Nano-Probe That Can Detect Live Cancer...

Fabien Pinaud’s big vision for treating cancer homes in on the smallest of targets.Along with a team of scientists, he created a new hybrid...

UCLA Experts Explain Why California Is Burning in December

The Thomas Fire. The Creek Fire. The Rye Fire, Skirball Fire, Lilac Fire and Liberty Fire. Even in Southern California, six wildfires in four...
climate change

Species May Appear Deceptively Resilient to Climate Change

Nature itself can be the best defense against climate change for many species — at least in the short term­ — according to a...

Earthquake Risk Elevated with Detection of Spontaneous Tectonic Tremor in Anza...

Scientists at the University of California, Riverside have detected spontaneous tectonic tremor — a signature of slow earthquakes deep below the earth’s surface —...

Recovering Runoff

Dumping billions of gallons on California every year, rain is the state’s way out of drought — if only all that water could be...

Lost Ecosystem Found Buried in Mud of Southern California Coastal Waters

Paleontologists investigating the sea bed off the coast of southern California have discovered a lost ecosystem that for thousands of years had nurtured communities...

A Once Forgotten Element Holds Promise for the Future of Electronics

Discovered more than 100 years ago, black phosphorus was soon forgotten when there was no apparent use for it. In what may prove to...

Microgrid Business Models Analyzed in UC San Diego Study

A multidisciplinary team of researchers from the University of California San Diego have recently published a systematic analysis of microgrids in Southern California in...
climate change

Microbial Colonisers of Arctic Soils Are Sensitive to Future Climate Change

Melting ice is exposing vast landscapes that are colonised by simple forms of microbial life.These microbes in Arctic soils must cope with short cool...
hydrogen sensors

Lab-developed Hydrogen Sensors Put to the Test at Southern California Refueling...

As hydrogen fuel cell cars become commercially available and hydrogen refueling stations slowly begin to proliferate throughout California, government agencies are turning to Lawrence...

3-D-Printed Structures Shrink When Heated

Almost all solid materials, from rubber and glass to granite and steel, inevitably expand when heated. Only in very rare instances do certain materials...
gene regulatory mechanism

Novel gene regulatory mechanism in bone formation and its evolutionary significance

Mode of action of essential transcriptional regulator in bones
Human Migration

Spreading Seeds by Human Migration

Researchers find corn grown in home and community gardens by immigrant farmers is more genetically diverse than what can be purchased commercially

For treating a leading cause of osteoporosis, surgery is better than...

UCLA study finds that using drugs to combat hyperparathyroidism is worse than doing nothing at all

Vibrations make large landslides flow like fluid

New research shows why some large landslides travel greater distances across flat land than scientists would generally expect, sometimes putting towns and populations far from mountainsides at risk.

Double whammy of multi-fault ruptures can unleash stronger earthquakes

Research based on a new study of California's 1812 earthquake yields insights to improve future seismic hazard predictions.

A new quantum approach to big data

System for handling massive digital datasets could make impossibly complex problems solvable.