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tiny structures

Tiny Structures – Huge Impact

The surface of materials can have an enormous influence on their function. If the external properties are changed, this also expands the range of...

Why T. Rex and Elephants Lumber Behind Cheetahs

As animals get larger, they get faster – but only up to a point. A rabbit could beat a mouse in a race, just...

Semiconductors as Decal Stickers

Today’s computer processors are composed of billions of transistors. These electronic components normally consist of semiconductor material, insulator, substrate, and electrode. A dream of...
carcinogenic silicate

What Makes Erionite Carcinogenic?

The mineral erionite is considered to be highly carcinogenic and is on the World Health Organisation's list of substances that cause cancer. A few...

With a Little Help from My Fungus

Plants are constantly challenged by hungry animals and infectious microbes. For tomato plants, major enemies are nematodes of the species Meloidogyne incognita. These are...