Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Magnetic Materials

New Magnetic Materials Overcome Key Barrier to Spintronic Devices

Consider the classic, permanent magnet: it both clings to the refrigerator and drives data storage in most devices. But another kind of impervious magnetism...

Forget About It

Even as the power of our modern computers grows exponentially, biological systems — like our brains — remain the ultimate learning machines. By finding...

Neutrons and a ‘Bit of Gold’ Uncover New Type of Quantum...

When matter changes from solids to liquids to vapors, the changes are called phase transitions. Among the most interesting types are more exotic changes—quantum...

New Silicon Structures Could Make Better Biointerfaces

A team of researchers from the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, the University of Illinois at Chicago and the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's)...

Teasing out the Microbiome of the Kansas Prairie

The Kansas prairie seems like the very picture of beauty and simplicity, with undulating fields of corn and wheat stretching as far as the...
Electric Vehicle

Brookhaven Chemists Contribute to Effort to Make Next-generation Electric Vehicle Batteries

Imagine, on the streets of the United States, electric vehicles as affordable and convenient as gasoline-powered vehicles. Now imagine that scene taking place in...
argonne, superlubricity

Argonne-developed technology for achieving superlubricity wins 2016 TechConnect National Innovation Award

Friction is the enemy of efficiency, and since the days of the Egyptian pharaohs, people have sought ways to get rid of it. The ancient...
Plasma Processing

Plasma Processing Technique Takes SNS Accelerator to New Energy Highs 

A novel technique known as in-situ plasma processing is helping scientists get more neutrons and better data for their experiments at the Spallation Neutron...

Bringing New Light to a Transformative Protein

Combined approach used to investigate photophysics of green fluorescent protein

Atmospheric Sciences & Global Change Division Research Highlights

Where particle droplets are forming affects clouds and Earth's incoming and outgoing energy

Creating a Super Lattice: Zipping Electrons, Jumping Holes, and the Quest...

Better control of a chromium sidekick makes earth-abundant iron work better in solar panels