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Plant Chemistry

Heart-Healthy Plant Chemistry

Plants have been a rich source of medicines for thousands of years. Compounds such as artemisinin, for example, used to treat malaria, and morphine,...
Firefly Genomics

Firefly Genomics Reveals Independent Evolution of Bioluminescence in Beetles

Researchers at Whitehead Institute and collaborators from fourteen other institutions around the world have shed light on the evolutionary origins of luciferase, the key...
gene expression

Rethinking Transcription Factors and Gene Expression

Transcription — the reading of a segment of DNA into an RNA template for protein synthesis — is fundamental for nearly all cellular processes, including...
tissue regeneration

Muscle Plays Surprising Role in Tissue Regeneration

Researchers at the Whitehead Institute have illuminated an important role for different subtypes of muscle cells in orchestrating the process of tissue regeneration.In a paper...

Graphene Sheets Capture Cells Efficiently

A single cell can contain a wealth of information about the health of an individual. Now, a new method developed at MIT and National...
Brain Disorders, Rare Immunodeficiency, Hemorrhagic Fevers, silicone rubber, cardiac valves, immune system, sunlight, Autoimmunity

Autoimmunity and Infections: When the Body Fights Itself

It is already known that there is a connection between infections and autoimmunity – the inability of an organism to recognize parts of its...

Solving the Mystery of Meningiomas Reveals a Surprise Twist

In solving one mystery — the genetic roots of benign brain tumors called meningiomas — a team of scientists led by Yale researchers stumbled...

Targeting Genes by the Thousands

Tim Wang came to MIT six years ago with a simple plan: He wanted to take a genetic approach to studying cancer.A PhD candidate...
Programmable RNA Vaccines

Engineers Design Programmable RNA Vaccines

MIT engineers have developed a new type of easily customizable vaccine that can be manufactured in one week, allowing it to be rapidly deployed...